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Long Term Projects
"The Descendants of Daniel Goodwin of Eliot Maine", by John Eldridge Frost (1917 - 1992), Second Edition, and "Daniel Goodwin of Ancient Kittery and His Descendants", by John Hayes Goodwin are both offered as CD and printed and/or bound hard-copy at the Goodwin Family History web site, (additions and corrections by Dr. Malcolm Goodwin and Will Collier). Details available on the Goodwin Family History web site.
You can view the .."Descendants of Daniel Goodwin.." Names Index here.

Both books are available as free download PDF files. See "Photos and Documents" for our PDF Books page.

NOTE: Both books are being revised thanks to a significant contribution from Beth Frederick; the JEF book should be available soon, and the JHG book shortly thereafter.

Almost New
For the past 5+ years, I have been revising "The Eliot Record Book", a listing of cemeteries with photographs of all the markers (where possible) in Eliot, Maine, a colaborative effort. The vast majority of the "legwork" has been done by Rosanne M. Adams. This part of the documentation effort is in the review process, so the finished work might be available sometime in 2019. The original files are HUGE; PDF files of individual sections (raw data) will be availble as they are completed. (The first 21 sections are now available) See "Photos and Documents" for our PDF Books page.

New Projects
Any person that is a direct descendant of Jeremiah Goodwin of Milton, NH, should have no problem with an SAR or DAR application.

About Us.....
Limited Genealogies reprinted from The Goodwin News are available. Check under Getting Started.

The New England Goodwin Project is dedicated to helping amateur and Professional Genealogists. For several years, we have been sharing research results on several different forums - now it is time to promote and share a centralized data collection. We continue our information and database sharing transcribed from original sources and sharing our favorite research tools and resource sites.
Many New England Goodwins share a common ancestor. Daniel Goodwin immigrated from England about 1630, and began a journey that spread seeds throughout the United States and beyond.
How did he get here? Exacly where did he come from? Did he arrive alone?
This is where the real fun starts!
The story of Daniel's descendants may never be fully known, but as research moves froward more and more Family Trees will become available.

New Books
Imagining Ichabod: My Journey into Eighteenth Century America Through History, Food and a Georgian Home
Prompted by a serendipitous visit to a bookstore, an epiphany leads Paula Bennett and her husband, Harvey, to southern Maine where they restore the General Ichabod Goodwin House with its original nine-over-six windows, wide-plank painted wood floors, early Georgian moldings, and an 8-ft wide hearth perfect for cooking. Now available at Amazon! $29.95

Groundbreaking exhibit at South Berwick's Counting House Museum
The Old Berwick Historical Society is launching a groundbreaking exhibit at the Counting House Museum in South Berwick, Maine, that will portray the world of Daniel Goodwin and will feature the captivity experience of Mehitable Goodwin. Forgotten Frontier: Untold Stories of the Piscataqua (see image at left) explores the turbulent century of the 1600s through the lives of eight diverse characters vying for control of the landscape and their destiny on the far reaches of settlement in New England. Opening in June 2017, the exhibit will feature objects excavated from local archeological sites including the Ichabod Goodwin House. More information at

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