Daniel Goodwin of Ancient Kittery and His Descendants

by John Hayes Goodwin


1. DANIEL1 GOODWIN, died before 1713, married first 1654, MARGARET SPENCER, daughter of Thomas and Patience (Chadbourne) Spencer of Berwick, Maine; married second Mrs. SARAH (SANDERS) TURBET, widow of PETER TURBET.

After Turbet's death in 1661, his widow was courted by Robert Elliott. This courtship was entered into with so much fervency that the marriage was considered certain. Elliott as the future husband of the widow was appointed administrator of Turbet's estate.
The court records tell the rest of the story. July 1672 "whereas former administration was granted Robert Eliot on Peter Turbet's estate, deceased, in relation to his marrying the said Turbet's widow, which he did not do, the said administration is null; and the court from the desire of the said Turbet's widow grants administration to his son John."

At the head of the founders of the First Congregational Church in South Berwick, Maine, 4 June 1702, is the name Daniel Goodwin. He was appointed Deacon, then Ruling Elder 27 Aug 1724, and September 5th following was ordained. He was a surveyor, an Inn keeper and a large land holder.

In 1652 Daniel Goodwin signed the act of submission in Kittery. Further records of Daniel Goodwin are in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, v. 33, p. 440, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the State of Massachusetts, v. 3, p. 440.

Libby, Noyes and Davis note that Daniel Goodwin long kept a public house, with and without license, at times with considerable disorder which brought him into court, but he found time to give to town affairs. He was town commissioner and Sergeant, 1659, constable, 1662-63, and served on a coroner's jury, 1668, grand jury, 1659, 1678.

In December 1711, with his wife Sarah, he deeded property to his son Thomas in return for his support. He d. before 1713.

Children surname GOODWIN:

2 i. DANIEL2, b. 1656.
3 ii. JAMES.
4 iii. THOMAS.
5 iv. WILLIAM.
6 v. MOSES.
1.6 vi. PATIENCE.
1.7 vii. ELIZABETH, b. 1660
1.8 viii. SARAH.
ix. ADAM, LND add: Adam, absent from meeting, July 1675; not named in JHG ms.

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