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The GOODWIN Family Organization
(The Goodwin News, Volume 4, Issue 3, April, 1982)



Parentage wanted of Aron GOODWIN, born around 1836, and Debra NICKERSON, born 1839, who had Salome GOODWIN in 1869 in the Pubnico, Nora Scotia area.

Information wanted about any of the following:
J.P. GOODWIN, born 14 Jan. 1790, died 4 Jan. 1874.
He md. Margaret (last name unknown) in Maryland.
Offspring were:

1.  Catherine GOODWIN b. 26 Dec. 1817

2.  H.E. GOODWIN b. 30 May 1819

3.  J.W. GOODWIN b. 28 July 1821

4.  Annie Jane GOODWIN b. 20 Oct. 1822

5.  James GOODWIN b. 20 Oct. 1823

6.  Susan GOODWIN b. 01 Feb. 1825

7.  Wincy GOODWIN b. 22 Dec. 1826

8.  L.H. GOODWIN b. 14 Feb. 1830

9.  P.H. GOODWIN b. 14 Feb. 1830

10. M.E. GOODWIN b. 18 Aug. 1832

11. C.W. GOODWIN b. 04 Aug. 1837

Concerning Daniel GOODWIN, son of Daniel and Margaret (SPENCER) GOODWIN; did he have two wives? On p. 10 of Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John S. GOODWIN, it lists him as marrying Ann THOMPSON, d/o Miles THOMPSON, 17 Oct. 1682, and then before 1693, marrying 2nd Amy --- -. Four children listed for the first marriage and seven for second.
In Stackpole's Old Kittery and Her Families he is only assigned one wife Amy, d/o Miles and Ann Thompson, with the same list of children as in the first mentioned book. Can anyone solve this mystery?

Albert GOODWIN lived in Pace, Fla. moved to Lynn Haven, Fla. Died there in 1942? Remarried to wife Jenny? Supposed to have been two daughters of this marriage. Any information wanted on these people.

Would like the parents, bro. & sis. of Isaac S. YOUNG, b. 1831 d. 1 Mar. 1874 @ 43 yrs. Wife was June B. STEVENS of Troy, b. 1833. d. 2 Feb. 1899 @ 46 yrs. They were md. 18 April 1853. (2nd m. Charles H. MURCH)

1. Isabelle d. 17 Nov. 1877; 21 yrs.

2. Wallace L. d. 16 Mar. 1874; 14 yrs.

3. Edgar B. d. 21 Mar. 1874; 5 yrs.

4. Myra J. d. 23 June 1881; 16 yrs.

5. Idella Arlena d. 1935 (my grandmother)

6. Henry C. d. 1957 b. 1865 (his wife, my gr. aunt Gladys)

Who was Sarah Jane Goodwin b. 12 July 1808, m. Waldren Goodwin b. 31 May 1806, son of Jacob Goodwin and Joanna Stanton (by Ruth B. Ayers, Gorham, Maine), intentions filed 20 April 1833 (Sanford). Married in Lebanon, Me. [Lebanon Marriaqes, pages 81, 82].


THE GOODWIN OAK (reprint, edited)

From: E. L. Goodwin, Dover, N.H.

1.  Son.

2.  Elbridge Robert Goodwin, b. 30 Dec. 1892, Candia, N. H. md. Mabel Miller

3.  Herbert Leroy Goodwin, b. 30 May 1868, Amesbury, Mass. md. Adah Baker

4.  Robert Titcomb Goodwin, b. 19 Sept. 1837, Saulsbury/Salisbury, Mass. md. Victoria Smith

5.  Willoughby (Willebi or Willabee) Goodwin, b. 1800/01 md. Margaret Stuward

6.  Isaac Goodwin, b. 13 May 1769, Amesbury, Mass. md. Polly Hoyt

7.  Isaac Goodwin, b. 1 April 1736, Amesbury, Mass. md. Judith Norton

8.  Joseph Goodwin, b. 8 Aug. 1702, Amesbury, Mass. md. Tabitha Tuxbury

9.  Samuel Goodwin, b. 1680, Amesbury, Mass. md. Esther Jameson

10. Richard Goodwin, b. 1654, Salisbury, Mass. (later to be Amesbury, Mass. ) md. Mary Fowler

11. Edward Goodwin, b. ---- , md. (1.) Name unknown, Richard's mother (2.) Susanna Stowers. One of first settlers in Newbury, Mass. where he lived prior to 1654. In 1665 he purchased four acres in Amesbury, which became the site of the old Goodwin homestead, at the confluence of the Powans and Merrimac Rivers.

From: Mrs. Yvonne, YATES, Wash.

1.  Daughter


2.  CHILDS, Fred Farlow b. 21 Nov 1896, Creston, la. M. KEITH, Madge Eudona [by Compiler, Yvonne Childs Yates and daughter of Fred Farlow Childs]

3.  FARLOW, Martha Mona b. 11 Jan. 1866 Taylor Co., la. md CHILDS, Agustine Barker

4.  GOODWIN, Lydia d. 25 Dec. 1918 buried Lexinqton Cem., Bedford, la. md. FARLOW, John [Death Cert. & Obit.; d. at Beatrice, Neb.]

5.  GOODWIN, Alexander d. 1879, Bedford, Ia., md. PARKER ----. [Goodwin Families of America, Appendix D. The name Parker is listed on Lydia's Death Cert.]

6.  GOODWIN, Abner d. 1848 Greencastle, Putman Co., Ind. [Goodwin Families of America - Appendix D]

7.  GOODWIN, John b. before 1740 ? 2nd. marriage Miss Heddie [Goodwin Families of America-Appendix D]

From: Jill A. PALMER, Mass.

1.  Daughter.

2.  James Harvey Goodwin, Jr., b. 9 Aug. 1916, Gloucester, Mass. [Birth Cert.] md. Doris Adeline Wilmoth, 12 June 1938.

3.  James Harvey Goodwin b. 17 Nov. 1892 Pubnico, Nova Scotia, md. Margaret May Ashley 25 July 1915 [Birth Cert.].

4.  William Harvey Goodwin b. 1865, Pubnico, Nova Scotia, md. Salome Goodwin. [1871 Census, Nova Scotia].

5.  Harvey Goodwin b. 18 41, Pubnico, Nova Scotia, md. (1) Catherine Malone, (2) Phebe Jane Phorbes. [Vital Record at the Archives in Halifax and 1871 Census].

6.  Henry Goodwin b. 2 Sept. 1801, Nova Scotia, md. Rosanna Larkin. [Vital Rec. at the Archives in Halifax].

7.  Thomas Goodwin b. ----, md. 6 Dec. 1798 Susanna, daughter of Mrs. Susanna (Gray) Taylor. [Frost Genealogy, Record of Early Families Municipal Office in Tusket Nova Scotia, & Vital Records at the Archives in Halifax].

8.  Palatiah Goodwin b. ----, md. 21 Dec. 1772, moved to Argyle, Nova Scotia, md. Sarah Seeley 12 Dec. 1772. [Vital Records at the Archives in Halifax]

9.  Henry Goodwin b. ----, d. 19 May 1798, Argyle, Nova Scotia, md. Elizabeth Weymouth 28 Feb. 1747/8, moved to Argyle in 1771. [Vital Records at the Archives in Halifax; & Miss Margaret Messinger, who used The Census and Archives of Nova Scotia].

10. John Goodwin b. 2 Sept. 1694 So. Berwick, Me. md. Patience Willoughby, 2 June 1715

11. William Goodwin b.----, md. Oct. 1687 Deliverance Taylor. [Miss Margaret Messinger, Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia].

12. Daniel Goodwin b.----, d. abt. 1712, md. 1654 in S. Berwick, Maine Margaret Spencer

13. Daniel Goodwin b.----, d. abt. 1625(?), md. Dorothy Barker in England. [Source: Miss Margaret Messinger].

From: Mahlon Gustav ERICKSON, Rock Island, IL

1.  Son.

2.  Barbara Ruth Davis b. 16 July 1927 Moline, Ill. md. John William Erickson.

3.  Frederick Hamilton Davis b. 27 Aug. 1900, Rock Island, Ill md. Fern Ruth Peterson.

4.  Anna Frances Beckwith b. 11 Nov. 1860 Winterset, la. md. William Ernest Montaine Davis.

5.  Mary M. Fleming b. 1 Dec. 1842 Trumbull Co. Ohio md. Sylvester Greely Beckwith. [Grave marker, Obituary, DAR records]

6.  Abigail Ross b. 17 May 1811 Lebanon, Me md. James Fleming. [Mormon Library Microfilm].

7.  Jotham Ross b. 25 July 1788 Lebanon, Me. md. Dorcas Stone. [Mormon Library Microfilm].

8.  Mary Libby b. 2 4 Nov. 1755 Lebanon, Me. md. Hugh Ross, Jr. [C.T. Libby]

9.  Daniel Libby b. 21 Feb. 1715 Berwick, Me. md. Abigail ----. [C.T. Libby]

10. Sarah Stone b. 23 Aug. 1686 Kittery, Maine, md. Benjamin Libby. [C.T. Libby and Libby Family in America.

11. Patience Goodwin b. before 1656 md. Daniel Stone 19 Sept. 1670. [Stackpole and Old Kittery and Her Families 1903.]

12. Daniel Goodwin b. 1622 Yoxford, Suffolk, England md. Margaret Spencer – Newsletter

From: Mrs. Virginia T. (Mickey) MORROW, Greenwich, Ohio

1.  Daughter.

2.  Mayme Almira Hoag 14 May 1875 at New London Twp., Huron Co., Ohio md. Charles C. Mickey; [Cemetery Rec. (d. 1950) at Fitchville, Huron Co., Ohio]

3.  Philip Henry Hoag b. 16 May 1843 in N.Y. (probably N.Y. City) md. Emma Ketcham. [Wing Gen, pg. 2011; Baughman's Hist, of Huron Co., Ohio; deposition of Mayme Hoag Mickey].

4.  Peter Hoag b. 1 Aug. 1812 N.Y. (probably N.Y.C.) md. Hannah M. Tompkins. [Wing Gen., pg. 2011; deposition of Mayme Hoag Mickey].

5.  Philip Hoag b. 21 June 1786 at Quaker Hill, N.Y. md. Barbara Luyster b. 11 Sept. 1786. [Wing Gen., "The Owl"].

6.  Benjamin Hoag b. 3 June 1759, Dutchess Co., N.Y. md. Abigail Wing b. 28 Nov. 1764. [N.Y. Gen. & Biog. Rec, 66:80 Dutchess Co. 1800 Census, 57/103; Will of John Hoag].

7.  John Hoag, 2nd, b. 29 July 1739 New Market, N.H. md. Rebecca Mosher 29 Sept. 1741. [N.Y. Gen. & Biog. Rec., 66:153; Pawling 1800 Census 57/103; Will of John Hoag.]

8.  John Hoag, 1st, b. 14 Aug. 1705, Newbury, Mass. md. Elizabeth Springer of Gloucester. [Probably Pauling Twp. Quaker Hill, Dutchess Co., N.Y.; Quaker Rec: Genealogist, Dr. Weeks]

9.  Martha Goodwin b. 1686, md. Jonathan Hoag b. 28 October 1671, Newbury, Mass. [Pope's Pioneers of Mass. p. 192; Genealogist Howard Hawley Box 02456, Portland, OR.]

10. Richard Goodwin md. 14 Nov. 1677 at Amesbury, Mass. to Mary Fowler of Salisbury. [Pope's Pioneers, p. 192; Howard Hawley as above; Savage II: 2 77; Virkus VII.]

11. Edward Goodwin, Emigrant; will 1693-94 Essex Co., Mass. md. (1.) Elizabeth ----,

12. Susanna ----.

From; Marjory A. BEARG, Denver, CO

1. Daughter.

2. Frank Edward GOODWIN b. 22 Aug. 1873 md. Edna Annis SMITH

3. Benjamin Franklin GOODWIN b. 25 Jul 1843 WI, md. Laura Alice RAYMOND 19 Feb. 1868

4. Benjamin GOODWIN b. ca 1815 N.Y. md. Clarinda WAIT 13 Oct. 1842

5. Benjamin GOODWIN md. Edea LEE



York County Coast Star, Kennebunk. Me. Wednesday, 31 March 1982
SOUTH BERWICK-Craig A. HOLMES, 66, of 10 Sewall Road died March 23 at his home. He was born in Somersworth, N.H., a son of Ralph Wentworth and Mildred Hodson Holmes. Mr. Holmes came here 46 years ago, and was employed by Central Maine Power Co. for more than 30 years. He retired in 1976.
He was a member of the First Parish Federated Church of South Berwick, the Masons, Historical Preservation Committee and New Hampshire Sons of the American Revolution. He was a past officer of the South Berwick Rotary Club and a founder and officer of the Old Berwick Historical Society. He was a town councilor here for several years and a trustee of the South Berwick Sewer District for many years.
Surviving are his wife, Esther I. Hillman Holmes, a son, Carleton, and a daughter, Rachel Pirtle, all of South Berwick; two brothers, Chester A. Holmes of Taunton, Mass., and Ralph M. Holmes of South Berwick; two sisters, Eleanor D. Perkins of Somersworth and Mabel E. Donneson of Whittier, Calif., and four grandchildren.

[In the same paper, on the editorial page was a fine tribute to him:]

To the Editor:
South Berwick has lost a fine and compassionate citizen when Craig Holmes died last Tuesday at his home. I came to know Craig only during his last years, but had the good fortune to work with him closely on two civic projects. On numerous trips with him in and around South Berwick, the village he loved so well, I discovered that he was acquainted and friendly with almost everyone in town.
He will certainly be remembered for his fine sense of humor, easy-going manner, and willingness to spend countless unpaid hours serving in his community through municipal offices and local organizations. His interest in and knowledge of South Berwick's history was probably matchless, and I personally owe him a great debt of gratitude for all his help to me in conducting a survey of the town's older buildings. Our work eventually culminated in the creation of a local historic district with guidelines to control future exterior alterations in the "Square". Ironically, on the day that he died, a second civic project with which Craig had helped greatly was finally completed; a public access study for the Salmon Falls River. Craig is largely responsible for these and many other public service efforts in South Berwick. He will be deeply missed.
Randall Arendt

Our deepest sympathy goes to the family of Craig. Janet Hooper, one of our members, is related to his wife and I'm sure that many of us who have early South Berwick ancestry are related to them both on various lines.
Not much can be added to the tribute by Mr. Arendt except to say that we were very appreciative of the help that Craig gave our organization. At our first reunion he stayed downstairs to receive late comers while we started with the meeting up in the church. At the 2nd reunion he made available the Counting House which serves as headquarters of the Old Berwick Historical Society when we discovered two days before the meeting that the Federated Church would not be open to us due to an error in scheduling..

Foster's Dally Democrat, Dover, N.H. 20 Mar. 1982:
DOVER, N.H.-Frederick P. GOODWIN, 69, of 234 Central Ave., died Friday morning, 19 March 1982, at the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.
He was born in South Berwick, Maine, 24 April 1912, the son of Ralph and Catherine (Daley) Goodwin. He was a long-time resident of Dover, N.H. a former employee of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, a veteran of the U.S. Army during World War II, and a member of St. Joseph's Church.
He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Pauline McKone, Dover; and one brother, Albert GOODWIN of Dover; several nieces and nephews; grand nieces and grand nephews and cousins. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated March 22nd in St. Joseph's Church and entombment at St. Mary's Cemetery for burial in the spring.
Arrangements were handled by McCooey-Dion Funeral Home, 114 Locust St.


By Alice B. Goodwin Sharp

This is not to infer that she was very witty or the life of the party, although she may have been for all I know. She was Eliza Jane CARD born 15 Feb. 1819 at Dover, N.H. the daughter of Archelaus CARD and his wife, Hannah MACE. When she was 19 she married Theodore LORD, son of Jotham and Betsey (FURBISH) LORD who lived In Eliot, Me. There were four children of their union: James H. Lord born 10 Aug. 1839, died 22 June 1903; William H. Lord b. 19 Sept. 1840, md. Adelaide (Addle) BROOKS; Mary Abigail (Abbie) Lord who was my paternal grandmother, b. 10 Nov. 1842, and md. Daniel GOODWIN 16 Sept. 1861, d. 23 April 1923, and George W. Lord b. 11 May 1845. All the children born in Dover. When their youngest child was less than two Theodore died.
On 14 Oct. 1849 she married Abraham BROOKS of Eliot, son of Daniel and Molly (SPINNEY) BROOKS. They also had four children, three boys and one girl. Daniel, b. 17 Sept. 1885, md. Emma I. FERNALD 22 Dec. 1875; Harriet, b. 25 Sept. 1852 (called Aunt Hattie BROOKS by family) never married; Andrew, b. 1854, md. Alice A. WELCH 8 Dec. 1878, and d. 13 Aug. 1898; Elbridge b. 1859, md. Ida M. FERNALD 25 Jan 1883. All born In Eliot, Me. Daniel BROOKS d. 11 Nov. 1909 and his sister, Harriet 4 Aug. 1930. Abraham was a seafaring man.

Elisa Jane's grandfather was Capt. Thomas CARD who had a brickyard at Dover Point on what was then called Card's Cove. The longevity of this Card family is rather remarkable; he died at the age of 100! Four of his paternal aunts were: Apphia (Affie) b. 11 Sept. 1786 on Seavey's Island (now part of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard) d. 4 Oct. 1878 at age 92; Sally b. 26 Nov. 1778 at New Castle, N.H. d. 20 Aug. 1871 at age 93; (both these women md. into the Hayes family of Milton); Annie CARD, b. 25 Sept. 1790 md. James Fernald and d. 11 July 1877 aged 100; Eunice CARD b. 6 Nov. 1792, md. Daniel M. PLUMMER 15 Oct. 1820 (Milton town rec.) d. 12 April 1870 aged 77. There is a picture of these four sisters seated at a table in the genealogy John Hayes of Dover, NH by K. Richmond.

The father of Capt. Thomas CARD was Thomas CARD b. 20 April 1746 d. at sea in a storm off Ipswich in either the Dove or Robin - these ships were together. His widow, Abigail Neal, to whom he had md. 15 Nov. 1768 spent her last days in the home of her daughter, Sally, who md. Ichabod HAYES. This house has been restored and can still be seen in Milton. She is buried in the HATES cemetery in Milton. The following receipt was found in the papers of Ichabod HAYES:
"Received of Ichabod Hayes two dollars and fifty cents in full for coffin maid for Widow Card.
Benj. Gerrish Milton 11 Sept. 1827"

She left to her namesake Abigail, daughter of Sally, the 14 yards of silk fringe from the canopy bed said to have been given by King George II to Capt. Walter NEAL who was appointed Governor of Mason's Province in 1630. Pieces of this fringe are still in the possession of the family. (1935).
Quotes above are from John Hayes of Dover. N.H. Vol. 1.

Thomas was lost at sea 7 Oct. 1805 when their youngest of 11 children, Apphia, was nearly 9 years old.

A few years ago Deborah Cole BYRON was very helpful in searching out the ancestry of the Card lineage and the following is the way we think the line goes on back from the Thomas who was lost at sea:

1.  John CARD md. Elizabeth TREFETHEN d/o Foster TREFETHEN and Martha PAINE

2.  John CARD b. 15 Oct. 1701 at Gloucester, Mass. md. Ann RANDALL d/o Edward, fisherman, at New Castle, N.H.

3.  William CARD b. 1662 md. Hannah ELLERY

4.  John CARD.


*   Family bible in poss. of Alvah ROBERTS, East Wakefield, N.H. for birth dates of Thomas Card family.

*   Milton, N.H. Town Records

*   Probate Court Records of intestate administration of estate of Capt. Thomas CARD, in Dover, N.H.

*   Probate records Exeter, N.H., land transaction of Thomas and wife Abigail in 1783.

*   Inscriptions in Hayes cemetery, Milton, N.H. and in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Eliot. Me. Genealogical & Personal Memoirs by W.R. Cutter

*   Collections of Dover. N.H. Historical Society Vol. 1 Printed 1894 in Dover, by Scales & Quimby. for marr. of Archelaus CARD and Hannah MACE.

*   John HAYES of Dover, N.H. by K. Richmond

*   History of Dover. N.H. by Scales.

*   Vol. 9 pg. 71 Old Eliot.



Joseph GOODWIN, Bos'ns Mate on the Ranger cruise Oct. 1779-1880, was s/o Taylor GOODWIN and Elizabeth NASON, b. 1754, md. Sarah PRITCHARD and lived in what is now Eliot in 1776. Pg. 29, Vol. 7, 1906 Old Eliot.

Governor Ichabod GOODWIN threw off his shoes and danced at the Raynes mansion in Portsmouth, N.H. while attending the launching party for Witch of the Wave. This item appeared in a historical column in the Portsmouth Herald during the 1950's. Ichabod was governor of N.H. during the Civil War.

GOODWIN FAMILY ASSOCIATION – 1931; 24th Annual Reunion
(Descendants of Daniel who settled in South Berwick)
Pres., Charles R. GOODWIN, Berwick, Me.
Rec. Sec, Miss Charlotte GOODWIN, Berwick. Me.
Cor. Sec., Roy C. GOODWIN, South Berwick, Me.
(this notice was found at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in Boston, in their GOODWIN files)

Largely Attended Reunion Held Last Thursday at South Berwick

The second annual reunion of the descendants of Daniel Goodwin, who emigrated from England in 1652, and settled in that part of Kittery, now Eliot, was held Thursday at Quamphegan Park, South Berwick. Only a few attended the first reunion, but Thursday more than 200 descends of the immigrant were present. A feature was the basket lunch, which was enjoyed in the pine grove.
The exercises were held in the casino at 2 o'clock, Thomas J. Goodwin, of South Berwick, presiding. Prayer was offered by Rev. Fred S. Boody, of Somerville, Mass. The historical address was delivered by Hon. John E. Hobbs, of No. Berwick. He exhibited a copy of the deed of the land now comprising the greater part of the village of South Berwick, made to the English by the Indian Sagamore Rowles in 1650, and which contained the name of William Chadbourne, grandfather by marriage of Daniel Goodwin as a witness to the Sagamore's signature.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President: Thomas J. Goodwin, S. Berwick
Vice Pres.: Richard G. Goodwin, Berwick; Alpheus Goodwin, Rockport, Mass.; Warren Goodwin, North Waterboro.
Cor. Sec.: Wilbur D. Spencer, Berwick
Rec. Sec.: E. E. Plumer, Rollinsford.
Treasurer: True E. Goodwin, So. Berwick
Exec. Committee: Moses E. Goodwin, Eliot; Thomas J. Goodwin, Richard L. Goodwin, S. Berwick.
Historical Committee: Mrs. J. J. Goodwin, Portsmouth; Wilbur D. Spencer, John E. Hobbs, No. Berwick; Eugene F. Weeden, Somersworth; Miss Sarah B. Goodwin, Newburyport; George A. Goodwin, Sanford; E. Jasper Goodwin, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Committee on By Laws: Richard L. Goodwin, Charles A. Goodwin, W. D. Spencer.
Committee on Entertainment: Mrs. E. E. Plumer, Rollinsford; Miss Ruth E. Goodwin, Saco; Mrs. Celia M. Goodwin, Eliot; Mrs. Flora A. Hobbs, So. Berwick; Miss Mattie G. Ferguson, Berwick.
It was voted to hold the next annual meeting at Quamphegan Park the last Thurs. in August, 1910.

Among those present were Miss Mildred 0. Simpson, Lynn; Ruth H. Noyes, Cambridge; Moses F. Goodwin, John Shapleigh, Susan A. M. Raitt, George H. Goodwin, Mr. And Mrs. E. Goodwin and children, Eliot; Mrs. F. A. Dorr, Boston; Armine Hassett, Lowell; Mrs. Myra Parr, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Bertha Dearborn, Laconia; Amy Sanborn, St. Johnsbury, Nt.; E. J. Goodwin, Kennebunkport; Mrs. Jennie Emery Goodwin, Beverly, Mass.; Myron Goodwin, Mrs. Chas. L. Goodwin, Christine Goodwin, Dover, N.H.; .Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Goodwin and children, Dorchester, Mass. J. Hartley Goodwin, Biddeford.

Census Report of 1850, Liberty Township, Knox County, Mo.
Note: Birth dates are estimated from ages listed in census of 1850.
  Age  Sex  Where  Date
Bradford Goodwin 40 M KY 1810
(md. Almira Davis) 37 F Ky. 1813
Eliz. J. Goodwin 18   F    Ind.    1832
Wm. L. Goodwin 16 M Ind. 1834
Farris (Pharris) Goodwin 13 M Ind. 1837
Polly (Mary A.) Goodwin 11 F Ind. 1839
Daniel M. Goodwin 8 M Ind. 1842
Davis Goodwin 6 M Ind. 1844
Margaret S. Goodwin 5 F KY 1845
Nancy Goodwin 2 F Ind. 1848
(Later identified as Nancy Catherine Goodwin).

Probate Order Book, Vol. 3, pg. 357, Parke County, Ind. Green Twp.
Daniel Goodwin, Sr. b. about 1788 d. 1845
Park Co. Indiana - Green twp.
Married: Elizabeth ----.
Children: - Listed as heirs

1.  M. Enoch Goodwin

2.  F. Louisa Goodwin

3.  M. Bradford Goodwin

4.  M. Pharis Goodwin

5.  M. Edward Goodwin

6.  F. Mary Jane Goodwin

7.  M. James Goodwin

8.  F. Malissa Ann Goodwin

9.  M. David Henry Goodwin

10. F. Elizabeth Goodwin

Probate Order Book, Vol. 3, pg. 357 shows settlement of an estate of the death of Daniel Goodwin. His heirs are listed and includes our BRADFORD GOODWIN. Shows deed, record of sale of 80 acres of land, appraisal of other property, and a list of items sold at the disposal sale to settle estate. This took place between 1846-47, so Daniel must have died in 1845 or 46.

WHO WAS WHO IN AMERICA - Vol. I, 1897-1942 - Page 469
GOODWIN, Edward Jasper, educator: b, Sanford, Me., May 6, 1848 s/o Charles E. and Dorcas P. (Libby); Grad.; A.B. Bates Coll., Me., 1872 Litt. D., 1885; L.H.D., Amherst, 1905; m. Ida I. Nute, July 15, 1874. Prin. High Schs., Farmington, N. H., 1872-81; . Portsmouth, N.H., 1881-1884; Nashua, N.H. , 1884-87; Newton, Mass., 1887-97; Morris High School, New York, 1897-1904; Asst. Commr. of Edu., for State of N.Y., 1904-08; Prin. Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn, N.Y., 1908-18. Home: Pine Point, Me. Died 29 April, 1931.

There are 17 other Goodwins on Pages 468 and 469.

Notes regarding the naming of the "Houses" in Newton High Schools.
Newton South High School, GOODWIN HOUSE, was named to honor the memory of Edwin J. Goodwin, principal of Newton High School from 1888 to 1897, under whose leadership Newton began to gain a strong national reputation in the field of education. (His name in the family records is Edward and the date 1887 is no doubt correct.)
Submitted by Mrs. HECKMAN


The lineage of Simeon GOODWIN is given in Goodwins of Kittery, Maine by John S. Goodwin on pg. 49 and 50.

1.  Simeon GOODWIN b. 1762 m. Mary GOODRICH

2.  Elijah GOODWIN bapt. 1726/7 m. Abigail TARBOX

3.  William GOODWIN md. Sarah STONE

4.  William GOODWIN md. Abigail ST0NE(hls cousin) d/o Daniel and Patience (Goodwin) Stone

5.  Daniel GOODWIN md. Margaret SPENCER

In or about 1900 my father (Millard GOODWIN) bought the KN0WLTON place on Goodwin Rd. in Eliot. It consisted of land of about 10 acres on the corner of Goodwin and Frost Hill Road. The buildings were a house, barn and woodshed. At the top of the hill and on the corner of roads just mentioned was the carriage shop of Nathaniel KNOWLTON. My father sold the carriage shop and a small piece of land to my brother Harry.
It is possible that the former owner is the KNOWLTON to whom you referred but 1 don’t know if he ever lived near Raitt’s Hill. There are Knowltons buried in the back left corner of that property which was our old home while we were growing up.
Thanks to Ralph GOODWIN, Mass. for this interesting reminiscence.

ANSWER TO QUERY IV-8; from Jill Palmer

The following is Israel K. W. Goodwin's direct line from Daniel Goodwin.

1.  Daniel Goodwin m. Dorothy Barker

2.  Daniel Goodwin who m. Margaret Spencer in 1654, daughter of Thomas & Patience (Chadbourne) Spencer of S. Berwick, Me.

3.  William who m. in Oct. 1687 Deliverence Taylor, daughter of John & Martha {Redding) Taylor.

4.  John Goodwin b. 2 Sept 169 4 d. ----, m. 2 June 1715 to Patience Willoughby.

5.  Henry Goodwin b. ----, d. 19 May 1798, m. on 28 Feb. 1747 or 1748 to Eliza Weymouth, daughter of Benoni Weymouth. They moved to Argyle, Nova Scotia in 1771.

6.  Palatiah Goodwin m. on 21 Dec. 1772 Sarah Seeley, daughter of Benjamin & Susanna (Merryfieid) Seeley, from Marblehead, Mass. who moved to Argyle sometime before the revolution. Palatiah and his brother Jedidah were given land grants in Nova Scotia around 1771.

7.  Benjamin Goodwin b. 6 Jan. 1774 d. ----, m. 4 Jan 1798 Phebe Adams.

8.  Benjamin Goodwin b. 2 Sept. 1806 d. ----, m. Pamelia Larkin (b. 1807 d. 6 Apr. 1869) daughter of Reuben & Ann Larkin.

Benjamin & Pamelia had 4 children:

1.  Reuben L. (1826-?) m. Elizabeth Fisher (1830 - 2 Oct. 1875) daughter of William & Hipsabeth Fisher of Barrington Nova Scotia

2.  Isaac Goodwin m. Emeline Smith (1832 - 1908) daughter of J. C. Smith from Cape Sable Island.

3.  Israel K.W., b.----, d. ----, m. Rosetta ----, (1838 - 1926)


a. Esther E. (1863 - 29 Aug. 1940), m. Jesse Morton (1864 - 9 Sept. 1928)

b. Howard (no info on him)

c. Cecil (no info on him)

d. James Ephraim (3 July 1874 - 1945) m. 18 Dec. 1901 Ora Mae Kenney (20 Sept. 1881-1971) daughter of William & Deborah (Spinney) Kenney. They had 10 children as follows:

i. Alvin Russell

ii. Edith Helena

iii. Arnold James

iv. Clarence Lee

v. Barbara Eldora

vi. Lloyd Westbury

vii. George Crayden

viii. Ruth Eleanor

ix. William Neale

x. Howard Lewis

4.  Anthony James m. on 22 Nov. 1865 Jelliah or Delilah Cunningham. SOURCE: Miss Margaret Messinger of Nova Scotia researched using 1871 census, New Englanders in Nova Scotia by F. E. Crowell and Barrington Townships by Rev. Crowell.

No info known on John Blades, although Israel's father Benjamin had a brother named Moses and Moses had a daughter Mary (1850 or 52 to 1906) who m. 1872 Joseph Henry Blades (1851- 1876) son of David & Letitia (Nickerson) Blades. Joseph died soon after they were married (3 years). Whether they had children I don't know but this might be where John Blades came in.


NOTES ON THE THOMAS SPENCER FAMILY contributed by Helen Stager

Thomas was sent as a 'servant' by Capt. Mason, probably to look after Mason's patent. He may have come with the Chadbourne family since he married Patience Chadbourne. Stackpole calls him the first permanent settler in Maine. The Company on the Piscatagua did not remain long in existence, and in the division of property, 6 Dec. 1633 Newichawannock fell to Mason, to whom Gorges gave a deed on 17 Dec. 1635. The deed covered a strip of land three miles broad and fifteen miles long, reaching from one fourth mile below Great Works River into the present town of Lebanon. Capt. John Mason died Dec. 1635 and the settlers in Newichawannock seem not to have regarded the just claims of his heirs.

After the death of Mason there was no one to pay these 'servants' wages nor to transport them back to England. There is evidence they were left destitute of means of support. There were some thirty families. They did the only thing possible; they seized the land and property of Mason, and thus each became the lord of his own manor. The town of Kittery subsequently confirmed the claims of those who had long possessed and cultivated the lands.

Humphrey Chadbourne and Thomas Spencer took deeds from "Sagamore" Rowles in 1643. Mason's heirs tried to recover their property. They finally sold their claims to Mr. Allen who in 1690 had a test action of trespass and ejection brought against Humphrey Spencer, grandson of Thomas in a court held in Wells in 1704. The Massachusetts Courts declared for Spencer. (B)

Thomas Spencer deposed August 1676 that he had lived in this country forty-six years; "Old father Spencer was sent over as a servant by Capt. John Mason." He probably came from Winchcombe, County Gloucester, home of the Chadbournes, where one Thomas Spencer bought a messuage in 1624. He was sued for debt by William Seadlock in Saco Court 7 Feb. 1636/7, Mr. John Treworgye, bondsman. In 1647 he and John Withers were called to account for rates and dues collected. He was disenfranchised in 1659 for entertaining Quakers.

In 1661, he and Daniel Goodwin were accused of trading with Indians, but no grounds appeared. In 1662 Barefoot got a judgment against him for debt, which was discharged in 1663 by Humphrey Chadbourne on behalf of the son, William. He was on the Coroner's Jury in 1647; grand jury 1651, 1653 and 1656, jury 1653; Tax licenses 1659, 1680.

Both he and his wife were absent from meeting 1663, 1675, he in 1665. His widow Patience was licensed in 1682 (son Moses bondsman) to keep an inn. Division of his estate was to three sons, two sons-in-law (Joy, Chick). Daniel Goodwin was given ten shillings as a token of remembrance. (A)
Thomas Spencer is listed as receiving a small legacy from Barnabas Danfell (kinsman).(D) Whether this is the same Thomas is not known.

A John Spencer who came on the "Mary and John" in 1633-34 had a brother Thomas. John returned to England but bequeathed his property in this country to Thomas' children, (D) whether this is the same Thomas I do not know.

Thomas Spencer born ca 1596, probably at Winchecomb Gloucester, England, where the Chadbournes lived (B). Died 15 Docember l681, S. Berwick, Maine (A) (B) Will 5 June 1679 to 1 May 1682. (A) Married Patience Chadbourne, daughter of William and possibly Helen (Townely) Chadbourne. Born September 1612, Winchecombe, England (B) Died 7 November 1683 S. Berwick, Maine (A).


1.  William Spencer b. 1631 (B) d. 15 May 1696 (B) UNMARRIED - (A) says married but left no widow, no children.

2.  Margaret Spencer b. 1632 (B) d. after 1711 (E); mar. 1654/55 Daniel Goodwin.

3.  Mary Spencer b. 1634 (B) d. Nov. 1664 at sea; both were cast away in John Cole's lighter coming from Boston (A), mar. 1634/5 given by (B) obviously a typ. error or b. d. is incorrect. Thomas Etherington.

4.  Susanna Spencer b. 1636, Berwick, Maine (B) (E) d. post 1700 (E) mar. (1) 1657 John Gattensby (E)/ Cattensby / Gattenay (B) (C) mar (2) Ephraim Joy (B).

5.  Humphrey Spencer b. 1638/1646, S. Berwick, Maine (B) (E) d. 19 Dec. 1700 (A) mar. (1) ca 1673 Elizabeth Sheares (2) Grace ----.

6.  Elizabeth Spencer b. 1640 (E) 1648 (B) d. ? mar. (1) 12 May 1674 Thomas Chick (2) by 1693 Nicholas Orbet (?) Turbet (B).

7.  Moses Spencer b. 1641 S. Berwick, Maine (B) d. 1719 (E) mar. before 1 July 1679 Elizabeth (Freethy) Botts (B)







This article appeared in the Spencer Family Association newsletter "Le Despencer", April 1980.